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Cromford Pipe’s manufacturing plant is based in Moss Vale, NSW where the manufacturing process is controlled from raw materials supply to production and distribution. The modern facility has a diversity of plant and equipment to manufacture a full range of smooth walled HDPE pipe, HDPE flexi pipe, and PVC Flexi pipe for the spectrum of industry needs. This includes materials for distributors, project and major infrastructure applications.

PVC & HD Flexi Pipe

Flexipipe which is also known as Agg pipe.

AS/NZS 2439 - Perforated drainage pipe and associated fittings.

PE 100

Polyethylene pipe manufactured to AS/NZS 4130 - Polyethylene pipes for pressure applications and AS/NZS 5056 and AS/NZS 4401 for Drainage and sewerage applications

Communications & Electrical Conduit

Polyethylene Pipe PE 100 Electrical and communications conduit

PE Fittings

Electro fusion and Butt weld fittings.

AS/NZS 4129 - Fittings for polyethylene pipes for pressure applications.

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